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Mere Festive Mortals

We personally thank you for visiting our website.  It is a pleasure to share this special part of our lives that only continues to fascinate and purely delight us as we (how should we say this?) mature.  We hope you'll find its pages helpful, surprising, informational, fun, and maybe a smidgen educational.

As you might guess we Clauses are wedded.  Marriage is truly a transforming experience, and for us it’s a loving, curious, challenging, funny, rewarding and unpredictable life journey with a partner that you really can’t imagine living your days without. 

Having “virtually” lived at the North Pole for more lifetimes than we can count on all our fingers and toes, we met in Ohio and together followed our wanderlust as it led us to Paris, Spain, Scotland, China and Hawaii then back to the mainland to eventually settle for a spell in California.  With later trips to Canada, Scandinavia, Japan, Bavaria, Mexico and Central America, our passion persists to travel.  India, Africa and Italy currently beckon our imaginations. 

Here is a bit about our personal background and why we are so passionate about playing the legendary couple, Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

It’s fun to play, and we view this play as our privilege. 

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